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Aubergine is to distributing a kind of very wide vegetable, almost countrywide each district has distributing, aubergine also is a kind of very precious purple food in the life, its nutrition value is very high, besides contain a lot ofprotein and carbohydrate besides, aubergine still contains a lot ofthe rich microelement such as calcic phosphor iron, eat aubergine to be able to be reduced cholesterol and raise blood-vessel to playShanghai noble baby

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The gender is waited a moment, the popularity that aubergine potato carrot is below has a way.

What is the practice measure of aubergine potato carrot?

The practice of aubergine potato carrot:

1. gets ready all feed capable person

Scour off of stripping and slicing of 2. potato flay is redundant and amylaceous, dial of aubergine stripping and slicing, green cuts chopped green onion, stripping and slicing of garlic section green pepper, reserve

3. takes one sky bowl, take right amount sweet vinegar, unripe smoke, salt, gallinaceous essence joins the mix up in the bowlShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Sauce (the heft that the basis feeds capable person)

Edible oil is added in 4. boiler, big baked wheaten cake is hot, join potato, scamper becomes to the surface small yellow, fish out accuses oil, the blast in adding aubergine residual oil again comes become small yellow, fish out reserves

5. adds a few oil in empty boiler, burn heat, join garlic of chopped green onion to break up fry 5 seconds to join green pepper to explode sweet, the potato with add flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil good and aubergine break up fry even, enter the sauce of mix up, add again1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Enter half bowls of water, the lid that build boiler is burned, conflagration receives juice, can install dish enjoy.

What is the practice measure of aubergine potato carrot?

Aubergine carrot stews potato

Raw material: Aubergine, potato, Hu LuoLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Predict, green ginger garlic

Measure: 1, hot pot cold oil — oily relatively at ordinary times measure many, burn hot oil, explode garlic of sweet green ginger;

2, enter aubergine — aubergine oil absorption, the aubergine that has oil has tasted, put first so;

3, potato and carrot are entered after aubergine is fried a little while a bit;

4, break up fryForum of Shanghai night net

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Even, enter right amount cooking wine and soy;

5, add clear water to had done not have dish, big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn small fire is stewed;

6, right amount salt is joined when Shang Zhishou works partly;

7, stew a little while a bit again, conflagration receives the boiler since juice, outfit dish can.

What is the practice measure of aubergine potato carrot?

Dish wraps aubergine potato sauce


Leaf of tender Chinese cabbage 3 pieces, aubergine 2, tomato patch 2, green Chinese onion 0.5, pointed chili 1, northeast soja sauce 2 big spoon, soy 1 big spoon, gallinaceous pink 1 Xiao spoon


1. aubergine, potato cuts chunk, green is cut paragraph;

Oil pours inside 2. boiler, put onion paragraph fry sweet, join aubergine, potato to break up fry;

3. rinses into a bowl (had built aubergine, potato can) , the soja sauce that adds northeast special local product (the supermarket has sell) ;

4. joins a few salt, break up fry a few times; Lid boiler stews about 20 minutes;

5. waits for aubergine, potato to stew ripe hind crush with ladle can.

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6. is installed dish when, dish inside pay a copy with Chinese cabbage leaf, feed together with rice.

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