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Bacon is the qualitative food of a kind of flesh that often eats quite in the life, and bacon is a delegate with Sichuan area, sell as far as to even abroad, into the cate that for us the country has distinguishing feature extremely. Through old development, it is more mature to show the bacon nowadays to make technology not only, flavour and mouthfeel also are better and better, OK and tie-in very much food makes the cate of different taste. SoForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, does bacon grow white mildew can you still eat?

Does bacon grow white mildew can you still eat?

If bacon grows mould is relatively much word, if there still is small macula above bacon, had better not eat, because although wash the mould silk above bacon,be dropped if, the toxin that the mould inside bacon produces, cannot wash, meeting generation diarrhoea is if eating or of the circumstance of bromatoxism, if bacon grows,mould is not particularly much, just the part grows the word that has mould, canFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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mildewy excision, rinse the rest bacon with hot water, wash with liquor next wash mildewy bacon, can have antiseptic effect.

Does bacon grow white mildew can you still eat?

The choose and buy is saved


Be like bacon bright and lustrous, muscle is shown bright red or wine1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, adipose and transparent or show ivory, fleshy body does bright, strong, rich flexibility, and have bacon bloat duely dried meat gust, it is high grade bacon. Conversely, if incarnadine and gloomy without smooth, adipose hair yellow, spot having mold, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Dried meat floss is soft, without flexibility, contain mucus, acid defeats flavour or other peculiar smell, be metamorphism or defective goods.

Choose and buy

Outside Gan Shuang should be chosen when buying, without peculiar smell or acidity, incarnadine and bright; if lean lean part presents black, fat presents deep yellow, express to had exceeded the expiration period, unfavorable buy.

Does bacon grow white mildew can you still eat?

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Buy edible safety to hint

As a result of some kind of reason, a few illegal pedlar make bacon illegally, additive of use country illicit (be like: Industrial salt, insecure coloring agent) and expire degenerative flesh tastes treatment, when consumer is being bought, notice please normalForum of Shanghai night net

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Manufacturer and businessman are bought, and the attention observes bacon is relevant label is mixed the information such as colour and lustre.


Bacon regards the flesh as goods, be not long not bad, solstitial later, the bacon that makes before Great Cold is saved the most for a long time and not changeful flavour. Bacon is saved below normal temperature, it is the most authentic that the traditional Chinese calendar tastes before March when, as air temperature elevatory, bacon although the flesh is qualitative changeless, but flavour can become thorn larynx. So the traditional Chinese calendar after March, bacon cannot be saved below normal temperature. Saving method best is bacon abluent, with last velar package is nice, put in the safe of freezer, can save for a long time so, although also won’t change every time flavour.

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