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The body digestive ability of darling is weaker, need to eat food of a few easier digestive commonly, for instance of white congee and so on, to Yi this plants benevolence congee also is eatable, because Yi benevolence congee is to belong to coarse food grain,basically be, be being digested to promoting the intestines and stomach of darling is very good. To the dietary problem of darling, mom should want to take seriously especially, can let darling eat a few coarse food grain and vegetable appropriately.

Can darling eat Yi benevolence

Darling dispel is wet it what eat is good to what eat

1, pachyrhizus:

The fiber that pachyrhizus place contains is qualitative loose easy digest, can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, conduce defecate. Having a way best is the pachyrhizus that bake, and gross is baked together, eat off together, flavour tastily melting.

2, Yi benevolence:

Yi benevolence can promote circulation of the blood inside body, moisture to metabolize, produce the result of diuresis detumescence, conduce to improvement oedema fat. Yi benevolence water is the good method that discharge poison, directly Jiang Yi benevolence is boiled with boiled water soddenForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Can darling eat Yi benevolence

3, oaten:

Oaten can slippery bowel is aperient, make bulk of excrement and urine greaten, moisture increases, cooperateShanghai Long Feng forum

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Fiber promotes peristalsis of intestines and stomach, produce the effect with aperient poisonous platoon. evaporate ripe oaten hit into juice to regard as beverage will drink is right choice, other also can be joined to feed capable person when agitate is hit, be like apple, currant, nutrition can promote defecate again!

4, millet:

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Millet does not contain gluten, won’t stimulate alvine path wall, it is to belong to gentler fiber to pledge, be digested easily, because this suits edible of tie-in platoon poisonous eat. Millet congee suits to discharge poison very much, have effect of clear hot diuretic, nutrition is rich, also conduce to the United States white1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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5, gram:

Gram has the effect of satisfy one’s thirst of heat of diuresis of clear hot detoxify, dehumidify, disappear, drink gram soup to be helpful for discharging poison, detumescence more, the time that cooks nevertheless shoulds not be too long, lest organic acid, vitamin gets,be destroyed and reduce effect.

Can darling eat Yi benevolence

6, unpolished rice:

Unpolished rice is complete rice, withhold rice bran, have rich thread, have bibulous, action suction fat and the satiated feeling that comparative, benefit of can whole bowel, conduce to a poison. Breakfast eats unpolished rice congee one bowl or come everyday soya-bean milk of a cup of unpolished rice is the good method that discharge poison.

Darling dispel wet dietotherapy just

Wet soup of dispel of foot of pig of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes

Raw material: Pig foot 500 grams, soya bean 50 grams, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes 5 grams, ginger, chopped green onion, salt is right amount. Shanghai night net

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Practice: Pig foot is in boiled water scald abluent. Soya bean is in water bubble a little while. Foot of soya bean, pig, Jiang Pian is put to boil 20 minutes together inside high-pressured boiler. Put chopped green onion, flavor can feed. (Note: Soup kind food, suggest the following baby does not eat soup broken bits commonly 2 years old, drink boiling water only. )

Congee of the seed of Job’s tears

Composition: The seed of Job’s tears 30 grams, amylaceous, saccharic, sweet-scented osmanthus each a few.

Practice: Constant law boils congee, amylaceous, saccharic, sweet-scented osmanthus is joined when rice is know sth thoroughly, can edible.

Wax gourd congee

Composition: Rice 30 grams, wax gourd 150 grams.

Practice: Cut wax gourd small, boil congee together with rice, congee is ripe can edible.

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