Although be cast in will total recently energy,was in the making business of blood and wine, CDPR still is in not long ago ” koradji 3: Mad hunt ” gave off quite big 1.2 upgrade patch, solved huge problem for players, look together.

Joined a name to be card of elder brother spy the book of magical guideline, the player can understand him to be apart from collect to block a card together how to much still differ by right of it.

Joined the enemy to upgrade option, feel the enemy too the player of dish can challenge him with this, the experience number that acquires nevertheless is changeless.

When the player is collecting book and reel for the first time now, can bolt watch, and need not cut article fence technically. Has read content will is by the record in documentation collection, the book can sell subsidize family expenses.

Partial adornment, oily, card of elder brother spy and cause content icon change, make a player OK understand when seeing icon this is what thing.

If the player does not have the thing in life and death (A Matter Of Life And Death) the success in the task does the Milva that plant seed, the card of elder brother spy of bloodsucker Bruxa and Dandelien, so collect is neat they (Collect Em All) the task will be tagged to be failure.

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