Of WiiU ” super Maliao is made ” sales volume has been broken through 3.5 million, this game gathered to come from the toll-gate that player of global each district makes, foreign media invites many game big Ga participates in toll-gate to design inside course of study, hit with respect to what invited Chunsoft banner to fall today jump over steel too man designs toll-gate.

Dozen jump over steel too Lang Ceng is in charge of playwrite of game of many famous adventure, the penetralia that holds the position of ChunSoft company to roll out at DS platform recently escapes kind of AVG game ” ultimate emergence: 9 hours 9 people the door of 9 ” playwrite, much ending of this game branch is much, conceive careful, mechanism choiceness, was united in wedlock suspense and labyrinthian escape kind fun, dozen jump over oneself to express to hope this makes the height that can surmount EVER17 even. This game add was made in Feburary 2012 ” charitable person of ultimate emergence ADV dies ” put on sale, dozen still take on more this made write a play and producer.

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