Tell the truth, ” full-scale war ” series classics regular meeting is in put on sale when the problem that encounters a few function to go up, nevertheless every time The Creative Assembly makes group of metropolises be rolled out assiduously new update, do one’s best solves some of problem, recently, the group that make spoke of about ” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” optimize reach property performance, look together.

A few days ago, the government discloses the efficiency that will optimize this making further in eve of put on sale, do one’s best is compared ” full-scale war ” any make should do weller, official respecting, ” full-scale war ” series is the game that a machine has CPU, game apply colours to a drawing and run these measure to be able to be in same piece run on CPU core, the game engine that this making already more and more the bottleneck that becomes us, accordingly our settling way is, these operation cent comes dispersedly, go up to every CPU core equably, with the means of multi-line Cheng the oldest rate optimizes game.

In addition, ” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” still will support DX12 character, and 64 version are waited a moment, these patches also are about to land soon in game put on sale, ” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” will be in the United States time next week 2 land PC platform, expect please.

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