Development business Stoic and hair are peddling Versus Evil announces jointly now, ” the fokelore of banner 2 ” (Banner Saga 2) will land PS4 and Xbox One platform on July 26.

The add that this part acts work of series of battle chess strategy is made PC and Mac platform were landed on April 19, after 3 months, it will obtain version of a mainframe.

We are very happy oneself can be inside the so short time after PC edition put on sale can put on sale ” the fokelore of banner 2 ” mainframe version. John Watson of Stoic atelier CTO expresses, the business that although our group dimensions restricted us to be in,can do, but when we also know very well two years time awaits an add to make very provoking, accordingly we work hard extremely, let lead plane players can continue in time oneself in this game itinerary. And we are in ” the fokelore of banner 3 ” medium target can be namely on whole platform synchronous put on sale!

What make in taking the place of first in choosing to will continue to add to make, go, new nevertheless player also can be in fine long hair begins add to make game directly below scatheless circumstance.

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