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The food of pregnant woman is very important, because this is right fetal good growth is having main concern, also can assure the body constitution of pregnant woman at the same time, to eating appropriately for pregnant woman oneForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Some grass carp also has profit, grass carp contains high grade protein, promote very easily digest, and protein special also the alimentation that is beneficial to pregnant woman, contain a lot ofa variety of vitamins and mineral, it is first-rate a kind of cruelly oppress, we will see this side.

 Pregnant woman can eat grass carp earlier

Pregnant woman can eat grass carp earlier

Pregnant woman can eat crucian carp fish, grass carp, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Do not affect fetal normal growth, also do not affect pregnant woman health. Piscine protein is rich, far outclass the flesh kind, and belong to high grade albumen, easy digest. The fish still contains D of rich vitamin A, vitamin, mineral content is higher also. Cruelly oppress can prevent cardiovascular disease not only, and be helpful for neurological development. Accordingly, pregnant mother should have a fish more.

Pregnant woman takes grass carp note

Above all, should avoid the tie-in: of grass carp?

 Pregnant woman can eat grass carp earlier

The 2nd, the choice: of grass carp? Does this  wash word fear does = of deceive of  of mother of Shan of Ran Xi of huang3hu1 of Shan Mou Ying wash idle of  of  of Deng of administer of type of hut of Hong of Shan Mou Ying > does  of Hui of  of serve of hut of Mou Ying Hong move round do this carry fear of word of delay deceive R  Ban Kang?

 Pregnant woman can eat grass carp earlier

The 3rd, of grass carp store up: Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
1. Splanchnic very easy decay of the fish, so we must first butcher grass carp, raze scale, purify is branchial and splanchnic, clean clean, need to distribute them body of adult fish head, fish and piscine remaining part according to cooking next, obliterate with kitchen paper exterior moisture content, put respectively last bag, put freezer to store. Store commonly in refrigeratory, mustLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
In the edible inside two days, after cold storage, can be in 2Shanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
The edible inside week. Best and refrigerant hind edible, take out freezer, natural defrost falls in room temperature. 2. 9 liquor drip in nostril of past grass carp, put the fish in ventilated basket next, a wet cloth is enclothed on basket. The fish won’t be gone inside 3 days two.

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