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Calcium is the microelement that belongs to human body to need, especially to dotShanghai noble baby

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, arrive two years old in darling when, grow speed is particularly fast. The parent one carelessly, darling can appear possibly the symptom that is short of calcium, because this wants seasonable complement calcium. To dot, compensatory calcium can pass the drug of dextrose of profess to convinced, much more compensatory vitamin. Fill commonly calcium should be in the edible before darling sleeps, filling calcium effect is better. Also can take darling to bask more, promote calcic absorption.

9 months darling is short of calcium what to eat

When taking calcic dose, had better take alone, avoid with dish of milk, root kind when food and zinc, chalybeate is equal, take. The albumen in milk and calcic union form grandma piece, calcium cannot be absorbed by airframe character; The oxalic acid in food is absorbed overmuch, can affect calcic absorption; Human body is emulative to existence of calcic absorption and zinc, iron, if take what can restrain zinc and iron not only to absorb at the same time, also can disturb the absorption of calcic itself. Accordingly, calcic agent had better be taken alone.

If need compensatory and other element, time is best and stagger, removed 2 hours of above.

9 months darling is short of calcium what to eat

It is better that before sleeping in the evening, calcium fills to absorbForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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When sleeping in the evening, gastric bowel peristalsis is slower, food stays in gastric bowel path longer, be helpful for calcium absorbing. Hematic calcic level is average days is taller, nightly and inferior. Nightly mix in the middle of the night especially before dawn, low blood calcic level can stimulate element of gland of the gland other armour shape to secrete, make bone calcium is decomposed accelerate, ariseShanghai noble baby

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Calcic, cause disease of low calcic blood, serious person can make human body convulsive. Face the calcic adjustment that what calcium fills to be able to feel nightly before sleeping to provide calcic source, block is broken bone calcium is employed inside bodyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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. And calcium and plant nerval stability are concerned, have composed and hypnotic effect.

9 months darling is short of calcium what to eat

Filling calcium must complement vitamin D.

Calcic absorption needs vitamin D, calcic metabolization also suffers the effect of vitamin D evenly. Can choose to take cod-liver oil (vitamin AD) or vitamin D3 preparation, alsoLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Can promote D of vitamin of translate into of a kind of cholesterol in the skin through basking. Chinese nutrition association needs a capacity according to infant period nutrition, recommend complement everyday vitamin D400-800IU.

Anyhow, do not miss the gold period of infant filling calcium, to make the infant fills calcic effect is achieved optimal, should choose optimum calcic source, proper dosage, sleep in the eveningShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Take before, avoid to wait with milk, food operable, complement appropriately vitamin D increases calcic absorption.

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