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Purulent problem causes eczema occurrence white, and the hammock rash with very much at that time existence of the meeting on the skin, the bacterium is more, we should want to use alcohol to undertake alexipharmic antiseptic processing, go up in daub next eczema medicaments. Because the hair cause of disease of eczema basically is bacterial infection, the impact that follows environmental element is the biggest, and the main avenue that the skin is isolation bacterium, want to notice cutaneous is protected.

Eczema has white

1, reason one: Microbial infection is dermatosisForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Generation and one of infectious main passes, certain eczema and microbial infection are concerned. Coccus of golden yellow grape, horse pulls lubricious bacterium to wait for be eczema to carry a tool.

Eczema has white

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Cannot call the influence is not tremendous, regard human body as system of the first defense, once the environment all round has big unforeseen event, the skin of human body be the first to be affected, medicine considers to confirm environmental element is one of main reasons that eczema sicken rate increases.

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3, reason 3: General medicaments is not to be taken orally namely outside take direct contact skin, below the influence of a few property of a medicine, also be to cause eczema likelihood one of conditions.

Note: Pass the introduction above, are a lot of friends opposite most propbably of eczema white how to return a responsibility? the problem understands somewhat, eczema is common skin disease, sao damage of urticant, skin, Shanghai night net

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The symptom of the eczema such as blister, debaucjed, chap brought tremendous influence to the patient. To the patient, the cure of eczema very be necessary, and also need to notice a few daily health care in the life.

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